Saturday, July 15, 2017

This Year's Summer Lemony Goodness

Last year at about this time, I posted about lemon snacks that are available in early summer. Every year, I'm on the look out for lemon-themed snacks that come out, and I like to try them out to see what they're like.

Actually, I really like citrus-flavored things, even when artificially flavored. For example, as a kid, I really liked those Sunkist gel patties, and I really liked orange and lemon Starburst chewy candy. Whenever I bought Runts candy, I would always eat all the non-orange and lime candies first so I could enjoy all orange and lemon candies in the end. I used to do this with all snacks that had citrus-flavors in them, actually. Lifesavers, Shockers, Brite Crawlers, Amazin' Fruit, Skittles, the works.

So come this time of year, I keep an eye out at grocery and convenience stores for any snacks that might be out. I've run across lemon-flavored KitKats, Pocky, Toppo and others. Whenever I see a lemon-themed snack, I can't wait to buy it and try it out!

So in this blog post, I'm going to post about all the lemon-flavored snacks I've seen so far.


Seto Uchi Remon Keeki

So this snack is put out by Fujipan. I thought it was going to be one snack, but it turns out there are two per package. They're basically a sponge cake with yellow lemon frosting, and they're even lemon-shaped! They're moist little cakes packed with flavor. I really liked this one.

Remon Pan - Seto Uchi-San Remon

The name of this bread is "Remon Pan," a play on a bread of much longer standing called "Meron Pan." (Melon Bread) I really love Meron Pan; it is so similar to the Mexican sweet bread known as "conchas" in Mexico.

So I try this "Remon Pan," and it's actually pretty good. I have had better though, where the outside resembles a Meron Pan a whole lot more. It's a very moist, very lemony bread to sink your teeth into. This bread as put out by the "Yamazaki" bakery.

Remon Kuriimu Pan

This bread is also based on a pre-existing bread called "Kuriimu Pan." (Cream Bread) Meron Pan and Kuriimu Pan are staples of any good Japanese bakery. This bread, put out by 7 Eleven, is a bread filled with lemon-flavored cream. I really like this one.

Remon Yoguruto Deenisshu

This one was labeled "Lemon Yogurt Danish." Not a big fan of yogurt-flavored things, but it is labeled as "Lemon Yogurt," so I had to try it. Wasn't impressed by the taste at all. It just tasted like a bland danish. There was a subtle hint of lemon, but over-all, it wasn't bursting with flavor. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a "meh."

 Puchi-Busse - Seto Uchi Remon

These snacks by Lotte are basically tiny sponge-cake sandwiches filled with lemon creme and chocolate, drizzled on the outside with chocolate as well. One package comes with 8 individually wrapped snacks. They're OK, but nothing special. I've got to say the chocolate overpowers the lemon in these.

Local Bakery Lemon Bread Snack

This one wasn't individually wrapped like all the other ones; it is a seasonal bread snack sold at a local bakery. I really liked this one. It felt like I was eating a lemon danish, something I might be able to find at a Cinnabon. Well, not quite like that, but it's just an idea. The bread baked such that you can tear pieces away like you would a cinnamon danish. This one was real good.

Chou Suppai Choco

These are interesting little snacks. They're called "Chou Suppai Choko," or something like " "Hella Sour Chocolates." They're chocolate on the outside and lemon on the inside, but not just any kind of lemon. At first it tastes like just a lemon-creme filled chocolate, but after, the lemon filling starts crackling in your mouth, like those Pop Rocks candies you could buy from an ice cream truck. They really give you a zing after sucking off the chocolate. I gave these to friends just to see how they would react, and they all were like "What is this!" once the crackling set in. This one was put out by Fujiya.

 Cream Collon - Otona no Remon

This snack normally comes in plain cream flavor, but for the summer season, they decided to make a lemon cream version of it. It was OK. It tasted a only a *little* bit like lemon. Close your eyes and it's almost as if you're just having plain Collon. Not too impressed with this one. This one is put out by Glico.

Noukou Ajiwai Toppo: Orinasu Furomaaju

Toppo is a snack that normally comes in chocolate. It's usually a biscuit tube filled with chocolate, but there are a few major differences for the lemon version. First, the tube is longer and thicker than usual. As a result, the packaging is much bigger than a normal package of Toppo. And, of course, it's filled with a lemon/cheese filling. It is like Pocky in that it's a long snack you snap bits and pieces off with your mouth. This was one of my favorite lemon snacks this year, one that I bought over and over again because they were just that good. Toppo is put out by Lotte.

I notice on a lot of the packages for these snacks, one can often read "made with Seto Uchi lemons." I'm guessing that in Japan, people must think that lemons from there are the shiznit. It seems to be a very prominent selling point.

Well, that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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