Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Early Autumn Treat: McDonald's Japan's Otsukimi Burger

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It's moon viewing season in Japan! That time when the Japanese take time to appreciate the harvest moon.

I've already written about Otsukimi and Otsukimi-related things in the past. Check out my list of links to past blog posts at the end of this post below.

Life's been rather busy for me as of late. I've got a job that keeps me rather late, my kids are growing up and I'm attending their events, I've got little time to blog. But as you can see, this blog is still on my mind; have you noticed the new layout? This blog is now on its own server now! Yay me for moving my blog from blogger to its own WordPress site, even though I don't know a single thing about what I'm doing!

I'm a bit disappointed that I've got nothing much to talk about, so this time around, I'm going to share some pictures of an Otsukimi burger I enjoyed at McDonald's recently.

This burger is only served during September and October when the Japanese take time to appreciate the moon. It features a burger patty with cheese, topped with a fried egg. For whatever reason, an egg evokes the moon. Maybe it's the yellow yolk? I'm not sure.

I always enjoy this burger and look forward to it this time of year. Look for it if you're ever in Japan September/October.

At any rate, enjoy! :-)