Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Japanese Summer Lemony Goodness 2018

Hey readers!

I really must apologize for my lack of activity. Things have been rather hectic on my end lately, that I haven't had time to write.

I'm afraid I don't have much to say this time around either.

Things are finally settling back down again, and I think I'll be able to write better posts soon. For now, please enjoy these pictures of Japanese lemon snacks I've had the opportunity to try this year!

As I've said in other posts, in Japan there are snacks that tend to appear at different times of the year. In the summer, Japanese snack companies love to put out lemon-flavored snacks, and every year, I look forward to trying them!

Here are some pictures of the kinds I've had the opportunity to try.

 OK, this isn't really a "snack," but a bento box I had.
I was on my way to Osaka from Hakata, when this
bento box at the train station caught my eye.

 I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was seasoned
with a lemon marinade. It went very well with the white
rice. This meal came with rolled egg and fish cake.

 I found what looked like lemon pound cake at Family Mart.
It's called "lemon bread." (レモン・ブレッド, remon bureddo)

 Very light and spongy.

It was OK, but the there was only a subtle hint of lemon.

 Another snack from Family Mart; "Lemon Doughnut."
(レモン・ドーナツ, remon dounatsu).

 Very similar to the "lemon bread." It's just a little bit firmer.

 The lemon taste is rather subtle and not at all a burst of flavor.

 I don't know what this is called in English, but the
Japanese katakana says "remon finanshe." It looks
like a lemon mini pound-cake.

 It's much smaller than the other snacks, but it is a bit firmer.

 The texture is a bit crunchy towards the edges, but
overall firm. The taste is a lot more concentrated
in this one. I really liked it much better than the others.

Yet another snack from Family Mart: "Lemon Baum"
In Japan there is this cake called "Baum Kuchen,"
which is supposed to mean "Tree Bread," in German.
It's called this because it's supposed to look like
the rings of a the trunk of a tree when split open.

 I'm not sure if they actually have "baum kuchen"
in Germany though. "Lemon Baum" is most likely
short for "Lemon Baum Kuchen."

It's got a soft, spongy texture. The external part of the cake
has a glaze that is nice, but the bread itself is rather
unexciting I must say. Rather bland and boring.

This is 7-11's "mochi mochi ring."
( もちもちリング mochi mochi ringu)

It's a lot like a Mister Donuts donut called "pon de ring."

It's chewy and covered in a flavorless glaze.
This was was very disappointing and I'd never buy it again.

This is Fujipan's "Lemon Cake"
(レモン・ケーキ, remon keeki)

Out of all them, I think this was probably my favorite
this year. I bought this many times this year already.

It's got a sweet lemon glaze that really gives you a pucker.
They're shaped like lemons and the inside is delicious and moist.

This one is a "Lemon Cake Donut," by Family Mart.

It's a lot like an old-fashioned glaze donut.

The donut is sweet, and the glaze does have a hint
of lemon, but overall, it felt like I was eating a plain
old fashioned donut. Nothing too special.

This one is another one from Family Mart called a
"Lemon Whip Danish." I'm assuming it's called so
because of the lemon whipped cream it's stuffed with.
( レモン・ホイップ・デニッシュ, remon hoippu denisshu)

Here it is, out of the package.

Here you can see the cream filling. Like all the rest,
rather disappointing. The cream was bland with a faint
hint of lemon. The bread didn't have much going for it either.

Another one from Family Mart, a "Lemon Sandwich Cake."
(レモン・サンド・ケーキ, remon sando keeki)

The outside looks rather bright, like it could sterilize me
or give me cancer. The color is probably all there is to it.

Like the lemon danish before it, all it is is just
colored bread with bland filling. I don't know why,
but this year it has been nothing but disappointments.

Well, that's all I've got for this month's post. I hope you enjoy it!

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