Thursday, September 12, 2019

McDonald's Japan Seasonal Treat - Otsukimi Pai

As I've said on other posts, one of the things I like about McDonald's in Japan is the seasonal foods they put out at certain times.

Right now it's Tsukimi season, and putting out Tsukimi burgers and muffins are a staple during this time. Something that I hadn't seen before is this new "tsukimi pie."

It's a twist on McDonald's original apple pie, only instead of apples, there's anko (sweet red bean paste) on the inside, along with a bit of mochi.

I'm already a fan of the traditional Japanese favorite "taiyaki," which is a pastry cooked on a hot iron in the shape of a "tai," or red sea bream.

It's stuffed with sweet red bean paste (anko) and served piping hot.The crust can be soft or crispy depending on who's making it.

So when I saw this at McDonald's I knew I just had to try it. Here are some pictures of what it looks like up close.

I thought it was quite tasty. It's got that crispy outside crust and the combination of warm anko with mochi hit the spot. It was a nice treat to enjoy in the morning as the weather begins to cool. I hope they bring it back next year.

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