Sunday, August 23, 2020

Lemony Goodness 2020 Continues

In my last post, I wrote a delicious lemon snack I found this year.

For those of you who don't regularly follow my blog, I'm very fond of lemon-flavored snacks, drinks etc., and every year during the summer months, different confectionery companies release lemon-flavored snacks. I look forward to finding these snacks, so sometimes I post them here.

At any rate, I recently found a couple more snacks I really liked at Family Mart (a Japanese convenience store), and I just had to share them here.

Here they are!

First on the bill is this lovely old-fashioned-style donut.

As you can see, it's merely an old-fashioned donut with a lemon-flavored glaze. There are even yellow stripes to hint that this snack cake has lemony in it.

I must say, it was a rather pleasant experience that did not disappoint. It was like eating an old-fashioned donut with an extra zing of lemon in the glaze.

Here's a close-up so you can see the texture and layer of glaze.

Next on the bill is this excellent lemon cheesecake bar.

The snack cake comes in this plastic container so as to keep things from crushing the cake within.


This snack cake features a nice crust with lemon-flavored cheesecake filling, topped by lemon-flavored crumbs.

 This was another snack I rather liked. Unlike the donut above, the taste of this snack cake lingered a little bit more, whereas the donut above had an initial zing to it that dissipated quickly.

All in all I really liked my finds.

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